In addition to providing treasury management and lockbox services tailored to the community management industry, Alliance Association Bank has a team of customer service partners that are dedicated to serving community management companies and the homeowner association industry.

Customer Service

Today there are many banks that offer HOA banking programs. Although we are confident that our technology and products outperform the competition, we have also created a customer service team that understands the community management industry and only services HOA clients. This team of professionals takes pride in their work and the satisfaction of our customers. The AAB management team has created an environment for this group that encourages our customer service partners to listen to and act on our customers' requests in a manner that improves the functionality and efficiency of our clients' offices. Further, our customer service partners are organized into teams that are well-versed in your daily banking and accounting processes, so we are ready to meet and exceed your expectations today.

If you need to speak with a customer service partner, call us at 888-734-4567.